Long Term Care Rx works to keep up with the ever changing environment of long term care by utilizing technology. Below is an example of our current partnerships to provide the most reliable, consistent, and advanced service to each facility as well as the best possible care to patients.  


Accu-Flo (eMAR)

Long Term Care Rx has partnered with Accu-flo by Creative Strategies to bring you and your facility access to the best eMAR on the market. Accu-flo is a complete point of care eMAR solution specializing in the accurate tracking of resident healthcare data. Accu-flo's seamless bi-directional interface with the pharmacy management system allows instant exchange of information between the pharmacy and facility. This includes:

  • Medication and treatment administration
  • behavioral monitoring
  • resident personal care
  • progress notes and assessments

Accu-flo dramatically reduces time spent on medication distribution and reduces staff labor hours allowing your staff to focus more on resident care. Accu-flo's use of industry standard interfaces makes it compatible with most eHR systems.


FrameworkLink is provided through Long Term Care Rx's use of Softwriter's pharmacy management software FrameworkLTC. FrameworkLink provides:

  • Facilities to send and receive secure, categorized messages between the pharmacy and facility.
  • Receive profile information on residents in the facility and automatically update FrameworkLTC with:
    • Resident demographics
    • Allergies and Medical Conditions
    • Payer status
    • Drug and Non-Drug Orders
  • Transfer, discharge, and re-admit residents with a few mouse clicks
  • Enter requests for new prescriptions, request reorders/refills, or request that existing orders be discontinued.
  • View the status of orders in the current pharmacy workflow or view orders previously shipped.
  • Preview billing transactions for the current billing cycle, or view past invoices.
  • Print MARs, Physician Order Forms, Treatment sheets, and more right in the facility


Long Term Care Rx utilizes FrameworkECM™. FrameworkECM is the first of its kind - the electronic content management system that manages all orders through a singular process, including fax, phone and electronic prescriptions. FrameworkECM integrates fully and seamlessly with FrameworkLTC®, unifies workflow for faxes, phone orders and ePrescribing, automates workflow tasks and stores all types of digital content, including PDF documents, voicemail wav files, Microsoft documents and more. FrameworkECM enables paperless workflow that organizes, stores, routes, retrieves, and tracks all items faxed to Long Term Care Rx. In other words:

  • Streamlined Communication
  • Increased Reliability
  • Fewer Follow-Up Calls
  • On-Time Deliveries
  • No Lost Faxes
  • Heightened Security
  • Faster Order Processing
  • Instant Information Retrieval
  • Fewer Errors
  • More Personal Service