Dispensing Systems

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Long Term Care Rx uses many dispensing systems to meet the needs of each customer to ensure the highest quality of service to their residents. Our most popular dispensing systems are:

  • Multi-dose packets/pouches

    • Multi-dose packet/pouches allow for easy medication management without any inconvenience to your staff or residents. Unlike traditional bubble cards or other cumbersome dispensing methods, multi-dose packet/pouches organizes medication by resident,  by day, and time in a clear, easy-to-read plastic pouch. 
    • Multi-dose packet/pouches reduce the potential for medication errors during each med pass caused by interruptions, distractions, or personal interactions with the residents.
    • Multi-dose packet/pouches save time, by allowing for a quicker, more accurate med pass with easy to to use packets/pouches. Quicker, more accurate med passes allow for quality interaction between nursing staff and residents. 
    • Multi-dose packets save money, due to regulations requiring short-cycle dispensing of certain medications, Long Term Care Rx can customize a shorter dispensing cycle to reduce waste and lower medication costs. Some currently used short dispensing cycles include a7 day cycle or a 4-3 cycle (2 dispenses per week, 4 days - 3 days). 
    • With the use of the most current technology, Long Term Care Rx offers proof of packaging to ensure correct medication administration. 
  • Bubble cards

    • Traditional 30 or 31 day bubble cards are also common at Long Term Care Rx.
    • Medication can be put on a cycle so every month, more medication will automatically be dispensed saving time used to refill each medication as needed.
    • In compliance with the regulations requiring short-cycle dispensing of certain medications, Long Term Care Rx will also send these medications automatically. This allows the nursing staff more time with the patients rather than reordering medication.
    • On demand 30 or 31 day bubble cards are available per each customer's preferences.

If your preferred dispensing systems is not listed here, contact Long Term Care Rx to find out more about other dispensing systems we offer.

Delivery & Emergency Services

Delivery Services

Administering medication in a timely manner is very important to the health of your patients. Long Term Care Rx offers routinesame day deliveriesseven days a week. Depending on your facility's need, we also offer two routine same day deliveries on weekdays

Emergency Services

Long Term Care Rx knows keeping a resident healthy requires round-the-clock care. That is why we offer 24/7 pharmacy coverage. Emergency or after hours deliveries are dispensed by Long Term Care Rx or a trusted back-up pharmacy. 

Compounding & Infusion Therapy

Long Term Care Rx has specially trained staff that compounds a variety of infusion therapies including:

  • IV Antibiotics
  • Pain Management
  • Hydration Fluids
  • TPN's (Total Peranteral Nutrition)

Our ability to compound IVs allows skilled nursing facilities to accept a broader spectrum of potential admissions, as well as reducing cost for the patient and/or facility. 

Unlike other long term care pharmacies, we not only provide various types of medical record forms, but we also process these forms ourselves. This enables us to customize any of these forms to your needs. 

Direct access is also available through FrameworkLink. FrameworkLink is an online access tool, that all our facilities can use, to access medical records and print them at your facility. 

Long Term Care Rx also offers an eMAR (electronic medication administration record). Long Term Care Rx has teamed up with Accu-flo to provide the best eMAR available on the market. To read more about our partnership with Accu-flo, please go to Technology Services

Medical Records

Long Term Care Rx accepts many types of insurance plans including:

  • Medicare A
  • Medicaid
  • Most Medicare D Plans
  • Most private insurance companies

One of the services we provide, which sets Long Term Care Rx apart from other pharmacies, is compiling a Part D comparison for patient to assess which insurance plan is best suited for them. This can potentially save the patient and/or responsible party hundreds of dollars in medication costs. Long Term Care Rx can also re-evaluate your plan any time of the year, as medication therapies change to save the most on your medications. 

Encountering medications that are not on a patient's insurance formulary can slow down their recovery to better health. When encountering these problems, Long Term Care Rx works with physicians to obtain prior authorizations. We at the pharmacy fill out forms to make it easier for the physicians and nursing facilities to converse with insurance companies in order to obtain coverage of medication. If coverage cannot be provided, Long Term Care Rx pharmacists will provide an alternative therapy, based on the patient's needs. 

Insurance Services